The demands of multiple systems operating within the logic of the SOA have allowed us to gain qualifications in a variety of integration technologies. We are developing projects for data exchange, which enables entering each given data only once to the entire group of systems, and then their popularization to all places of use. We have experience in a simple exchange of data as well as the use of such integration platforms as BizTalk by Microsoft or Service Bus by ORACLE.


Our specialists have extensive experience in transferring data between systems and different databases. We offer a service of filling bases with data deriving from different systems. At the same time the data can be cleared by importation to a determined dictionary. This service is especially important when changing the IT system to another with the same function.


To our systems we offer a wide range of outsourcing services. They are:

  • Providing space in the server room where we install our systems, which allows for systems launch without investment.
  • Making remote readouts, their verification and transfer to the readout base
  • Data analysis in the readout base in terms of their accuracy, detection of the unjustified losses and optimization of the contracts and energy bills
  • Customer service in the are of contracts registration, invoicing and payments registration as well as reporting required by the law (including JPK generation).