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Eurometer Poland Sp.z.o.o. is a rapidly growing company, operating in the European IT sector. Our collaboration with large international energy companies and corporations, enables us to offer products and services of highest standards, always employing the latest in technological innovations.

Eurometer Sp. z.o.o. was formed when ZSK (est. 1986), a long and well established IT services company, split it’s energy related business from the IT business, creating a dedicated energy sector division. Due to the rapid growth in demand of the department’s products and services, segregation of the department entailed the concentration of specialized staff, enabling Eurometer Sp.z.o.o. to offer specialist solutions, whilst benefiting from the long established paths paved by ZSK.

Joining Eurometer’s European network, with representative offices in the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, allows us to broaden our activities and offers in the given markets.

Eurometer Sp.z.o.o. offer a wide range of products and services, ranging from electrical power meters, through to intelligent “Smart Meters”, including the necessary infrastructure, as well as specialist software for power distribution companies.

Being a dynamically growing company, Eurometer Sp.z.o.o. not only supplies the industry with state of the art solutions, but also strives to meet the continuous changing demands, by developing future safe solutions.

Our highly qualified staff, continuously work on broadening their knowledge and expertise, enabling them to expand the companies offerings and competence.

Our goal is to integrate our customers needs, providing elaborate and complex solutions, whilst assuring ease of use in a variety of fields, ranging from the IT sector, energy sector through to telematics and surveillance.


Company registration

year 1986

The beginning of cooperation with Cracow Power Plant

year 1987

Assumptions for high reception AWO

year 1990

Fully functional version of AWO

year 1994

Upgrade AWO to ORACLE database

year 2001

Undertaking work on the ELIOT technical system

year 2003

ELIOT extension to ENION Branches

year 2005

Implementation of ZEUS at Zakłady Azotowe w Tarnowie

year 2009

Collaboration with LSIS (LG group) for smart PRIME counter production

year 2012

Cooperation with VIDCOM (Korea) in the field of smart OSGP meter

year 2014
In 2014 ZSK separated part of power generation (transferred employees, licenses and contracts) which under the name of Eurometer Poland was incorporated into the international group Eurometer.

cooperation with the NES company producing smart meters

year 2017

supply smart meters for Tauron in cooperation with Griffin Group S.A.

year 2018

Business areas



We implement remote energy measurement systems. The devices we propose meet all the requirements imposed by the OSD. In our portfolio we have many implementations in the area of power engineering, residential communities, shopping malls and housing estates.

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IT Services

Within IT services we provide outsourcing services, data migration, systems integration.


Smart meters

The meters we propose in cooperation with MDE ZEUS and ZEUS billing systems are a precise and convenient tool for analysis and invoicing of electricity for shopping malls, residential complexes with central electricity settlement, technology parks, OSDs and municipalities.


Consulting services

We advise in areas of cost optimization of electricity, information systems serving ``Smart meetering`` and monitoring.

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