Our Offer

Our offer is addressed mainly to the end users of electric energy such as production plants, shopping malls and logistics centers, hotels, government entities, etc., as well as distribution system operators that do not have at least two grid sites of electric energy delivery (OSDn), connected by their grid.

Because of this, the company’s operations aim at the maximum use of all the possibilities which would give savings in costs associated with purchase of electric energy, electricity distribution services purchase from electromagnetic distribution systems operators (OSD), performed on the basis of a contract for the provision of electric energy distribution services (TPA recipients) as well as comprehensive contracts (not TPA recipients).

Savings plan

The savings measures plan is prepared by people very well acquainted with the energy industry and with several years of experience on the Polish electric energy market and the regulatory area.

Optimizations measures and analysis include:

consultancy related to the area of the cost optimization for purchasing electric energy distribution services,

the analysis of the content of concluded contracts with the energy company, covering all collection points of electricity, including an analysis of to date energy consumption (hourly characteristics of electric energy consumption) and cost of its delivery, along with counsel during negotiations about content change, in particular in terms of:

selection of the tariff group to the eligibility criteria specified in § 6 section 1 of tariff regulation (Regulation of the Minister of Economy from 18 August 2011, on the detailed rules of shaping and calculating tariffs as well as settlements in electric energy trade), especially in terms of selection of time zones to the characteristics of the energy consumption at a given point of delivery.

selection of contractual capacity for each point of receipt, including the possibility of application of this capacity dynamic change model during a calendar year, depending on the hourly characteristics of electric energy consumption at a given point of receipt and indicator of hourly variation of that characteristics (profile),

analysis of the adopted principles and parameters (size of tgφ0 indicator) of settlements on account of over the contract consumption of reactive energy (inductive and capacitive) and compliance of other settlements with the law, together with the tariff of electric energy distribution system operator,

an analysis of the schedule and consequences of termination of the given contract, in order to carry out the process of seller change.

Analysis of clocks setup which controls time of connection and disconnection of electric energy consumption (in particular lighting points) in order to make selection suiting needs as well as time zones used by the energy company engaged in the distribution of electric energy (electric energy distribution system operator).

Consultancy services related to the choice of electric energy seller including carrying out the process of changing the seller, in order to obtain more favorable conditions for the electric energy purchase.

Analysis of contracts of electric energy purchase and distribution services, an analysis of the invoices for electric energy and distribution services in order to check merits and compliance with the contracts, traffic instructions, etc.

Consultancy in the area of improvement of energy efficiency, including in particular, related to the change of light sources for streets, squares, public facilities lighting from traditional sources (incandescent, discharge) to LED source, which allows for reduction of electric energy consumption in the region of 50% – 70%.


Consultancy activities also include financing issues of project associated with the replacement of light sources within so-called financing from resultant savings, in three variants:

I variant – the investment is financed by a special purpose entity established by the manufacturer of light sources, and repayment is in installments from the savings made on costs of electric energy purchase and distribution services; In this regard, there is a possibility of settlement through entity selling electric energy or providing distribution of electric energy service within the so-called heighten quality of the lighting service rendered. Settlement would be executed with special purpose entity of the manufacturer or entity selling electric energy or providing distribution of electric energy service from the resulting savings from purchase of electric energy and distribution services,

II variant – appointment of the special-purpose company (e.g. by municipality), the purpose of which would be to execute the investment associated with the use of energy efficient frames; Settlement would be executed with the special-purpose company of the investor, from obtained savings from purchase of electric energy and distribution services,

III variant – if investor has creditability, the investment could be financed by bank on preferential credit terms (because the investment is qualified as improving energy efficiency), with that bank a manufacturer of light sources concludes appropriate agreement.
The result of the executed analyzes will be saving in the incurred costs of electric energy distribution services purchase. The savings possible to achieve can be as high as 15-20% in annual scale, which, depending on the size of the electric energy consumption, can mean savings often like a dozen or even several hundred thousand PLN per year.


Our team has thirty years of expertise and practice in the energy sector, in manufacture, electric energy trade as well as in energy distribution. More importantly we are experienced in the area of regulation, including in particular, the area of cooperation with the Energy Regulatory Office and the Minister of Economy, in creation and assessment of legal rules of decrees concerning system, tariff and tariffs content of individual distribution systems operators (DSOs) and their practical interpretations in later application by individual OSD.

Additionally, we have authority to perform energy audits and energy efficiency audits (so called white certificates).

Optimization analysis related to the analysis of hourly profiles of demand for electric energy as well as creating optimum models of stipulated capacity ordering for each collection point, are prepared based on the proprietary optimization programme, which allows to perform multivariate analyses and enables processing large data sets. The programme has hard-wired fees rates of all OSD operators and designed target functions seeking the lowest cost of electric energy delivery. For example, the analysis performed only for two places of delivery on the basis of the hourly profile for the period of 24 months retroactive, requires processing and calculation for more than 35,000 data.

Proposed remuneration depends solely on the size of the savings that are actually obtainable. The percentage amount is determined in individual negotiations and depends on the complexity and characteristics of the hourly size of electric energy consumption and the number of analyzed electric energy collection points.